Here at Risen Star we provide a safe, clean, comfortable atmosphere for your pet while you’re away. The facility is air conditioned and temperature controlled with constant monitoring for your Pet’s comfort. All dogs and cats are housed individually, unless pets in the same family are requested to stay together. Here at RSK we DO NOT co-mingle dogs for boarding or exercise we are a safe boarding facility which treats each Pet as an individual guest.

Our four legged guests each have their own Individual indoor/outdoor run. As weather allows, all dogs are moved to a larger area for exercise on a routine basis, allowing an opportunity for fresh air and exercise.

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Our indoor runs vary depending

on the size of the dog.

Each individual boarding kennel is constantly monitored by staff for cleanliness at all times, and the entire facility is sanitized a minimum of twice every 24 hours. The kennel is temperature monitored with air conditioning and heating to assure optimum comfort for our four legged guests especially in those months where the desert heat takes over. Our guests are provided with beds with fresh water available at all times, with constant monitoring by staff. Feeding is conducted based on individualized instructions and monitored. Core Feeding interactions are included, some customized or additional feeding scenarios may incur an additional cost, but that is upon specific request.

In addition to the daily routine, we offer an out of the Kennel Option with staff. We offer treat time and can accommodate special feeding & medication requirements (an additional charge may apply).

While your dog is being boarded we are also able to provide grooming for your pet(s). Save yourself a trip by requesting grooming for your dog during their stay! See our grooming section for further information.

Boarding Services


  • Vaccinations must be current for Boarding – exceptions require a letter from a Veterinarian
    Boarding Kennels are actual fixed Kennels of various sizes
  • Dogs of the same family may share a Kennel depending on size and temperament
  • If Dogs of the same family cannot comfortably eat together they cannot be boarded together
  • Commercial Grade Kennel Beds are provided that are compatible with a dog’s size and age
  • Quilts and related bedding are provided
  • Stainless Steel food bowls and Stainless Steel water bowls are provided to enhance sanitation
  • Dogs depending on weather conditions are routinely moved from their permanent inside Kennel Runs to an outside Kennel Run for exercise
  • Pet Owners are encouraged to bring the regular food the Pet normally eats to prevent any potential for stomach distress
  • Pet Owners may request one on one staff period for exercise and play for an added fee
  • Any medication disbursements to boarded Pets must be part of the Pet’s file with clear instructions. Please do not mix medications in your pet’s food we will do that as requested.
  • Medication disbursements are billed at a specified rate based on what type of disbursement is required i.e. pills vs. injections etc.
  • IMPORTANT DURING THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS WHEN STAYS ARE OVER THREE DAYS IN THE HOLIDAY PERIOD A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED:  4TH OF July; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Years; Memorial Day; Labor Day & Easter Deposit shall be 50% of the indicated fee and is non- refundable without a 72 hour notice.
  • Any Boarding which is more than five days also requires a 50% deposit at any given time of the year.

As any medical issues come to the attention of the facility, additional requirements may be implemented, and it is suggested that you review our Facebook page or call RSK if you have any questions.

Staff will be constantly


Food Intake, behavior and related Pet Activity during their stay and any issues will be immediately communicated to the owner, so it is requested that all contact information be accurate and up to date when requested. Vaccinations must without exception be current for the protection of every individual Pet and for all Pets staying in the facility. Please note that our facility utilizes Boarding Tracking and Boarding Services specific software to track all information, updates as pet behavior special needs or instructions which are conveyed to staff.

We encourage Pet Owners to take advantage of their Pet’s stay to acquire any grooming, baths which may be needed, simply advise staff when you check in.

RSK understands the importance of the safety of the pets in our care. We have a 24/7 surveillance system that is designed to provide internal coverage of the various buildings in the facility. In addition, outside monitoring of the one-acre facility is also in place. It must be noted that in certain areas, such as main reception and intake, the surveillance system also includes sound and voice monitoring.

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Dog Boarding Fees:

25 lbs. or less - $19.00
25 to 55 lbs. - $25.00
56 lbs. or more - $29.00

Cat Boarding Fees:

Cats - $15.00

Individual Playtime:

$10.00 (1/2 HR. With Staff- i.e. Obstacle Course / Power Walks etc.):


The objective at RSK is to be an operation that endeavors to include all dogs and cats regardless of breed type or age. What may create a decision not to take your pet would be either a medical condition that we are not comfortable that we can monitor and address, or extensively aggressive behavior where staff members may be in jeopardy. RSK may take aggressive dogs that have extensive issues; however, if the interaction is such that training personnel must be assigned to assist with handling that particular pet, you will be advised of the surcharge amount so that you can decide if boarding at RSK is the appropriate decision for your pet.



Please do not bring in medications already mixed in food as we need to know what is being given and how it is given.

Available Discounts

10% Discount For Military Veterans*
10% Discount for First Responders (Police and Fire)*
10% Discount For Seniors (65 and older)*
*Provide Verification with valid Identification to be put in Pet File
*One time 25% Discount on Second Boarded Pet if they reside in the same Kennel
*You will be asked to provide official verification of the indicated status

**Please review any concerns or questions you may have with staff and monitor our Facebook page for any changes, as RSK reserves the right to add or modify deposit requirements.


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