Here at Risen Star we provide a safe, clean, comfortable atmosphere for your pet while you’re away. All dogs are housed individually, unless pets in the same family are requested to stay together.

Our four legged guests each have their own Individual indoor/outdoor run. As weather allows, all dogs are moved to a larger area for exercise at least twice daily, allowing an opportunity for fresh air and activity similar.

Grooming 2

Our indoor runs vary depending

on the size of the dog.

Each runway is cleaned multiple times a day and sanitized twice every 24 hours. The kennel is monitored for temperature to assure temperature control for our guests comfort especially in those months where the desert heat takes over. Our guests are provided with beds with water available at all times, with constant monitoring by staff. Feeding is conducted based on individualized instructions and monitored. Core Feeding interactions are included, some customized or additional feeding scenarios may incur an additional cost, but that is upon specific request.

In addition to the daily routine, we offer an out of the Kennel Option with staff. We offer treat time and can accommodate special feeding & medication requirements (an additional charge may apply).

While your dog is being boarded we are also able to provide grooming for your pet(s). Save yourself a trip by requesting grooming for your dog during their stay! See our grooming section for further information.

Boarding Services


Dogs of the same family may be boarded in the same Kennel if the all the dogs are 25 lbs. or less – Maximum is 3 dogs 25 lbs or less in a single Kennel. Dogs must be able to interact together in a cooperative manner including feeding, (If Dogs cannot eat together they may not be boarded together). Though the Kennel sells Food, you are encouraged to bring the Food that your dog routinely eats to prevent the potential of an uncomfortable stomach reaction by your pet due to a change in food.

The Kennel has Pet Beds that are provided in a size appropriate manner so you Pet will be comfortable so there is no need to bring beds, though a blanket or something similar from home can be comforting. We utilize our own sanitized Pet Bowls for Food and Water so there is no need to bring bowls. Dogs are fed once a day based on the Pet Owners instructions, other feeding arrangements can be set for an additional fee per additional feeding if requested by the Pet Owner. Medication dispensing services are available for a Fee.

Pets are taken out of their Kennel twice a day into a larger Kennel area to allow for exercise. Pets may receive additional out of the Kennel exercise or interaction time with staff for an additional fee this may be a power walk, time spent brushing the dog or other interactive activity based on your instructions.

Staff will be constantly


Food Intake, behavior and related Pet Activity during their stay and any issues will be immediately communicated to the owner, so it is requested that all contact information be accurate and up to date when requested. Vaccinations must without exception be current for the protection of every individual Pet and for all Pets staying in the facility.

We encourage Pet Owners to take advantage of their Pet’s stay to acquire any grooming, baths which may be needed, simply advise staff when you check in.

Check out time on any given day is 12:00 (noon) and an additional “Day Care” Charge will be added to any late pick ups of $3.00 per hour for a maximum of $15.00 as long as the Pet is picked up prior to 5 PM, otherwise the standard boarding charge will apply.

At Risen Star, we have 16 cameras monitoring and recording 24/7 to Keep an eye on the things you value most.

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Boarding Fees:

Dogs 25 lbs. or less - $15.00
25 to 50 lbs. - $18.00
51 lbs to 79 lbs. - $21.00
80 lbs. or more - $25.00
Cats - $13.00


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