I just got off a call with one of our Pet Owners and the topic was Bordetella, what everyone refers to as Kennel Cough.  Her dog started coughing and her Veterinarian insisted that it “caught it” due to boarding.  I am not a big fan of Veterinarian’s when they make statements designed to provide a

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How Old Is Your Pet?

Unless you’ve had your dog since he was a puppy, you probably have only a guesstimate as to how old he actually is. While shelters and animal rescues will try to give you an idea of your dog’s age, this can be difficult to determine, even for veterinarians. Yet, knowing your dog’s age is important

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Myths About Cats

Myth — Cats are antisocial and don’t like cuddling with their humans — if you have a feline family member who is, shall we say, less than affectionate with you, rest assured you have lots of company. Interestingly, it often seems people who really want a lap cat wind up with a kitty who’d rather

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Just 5 Pounds!

I have spent decades around large dogs, mostly German Shepherds, Rottweilers, “big guys” like that.  Anyone who has known me over the years had heard me say that if it did not weight at least forty pounds it was not really a dog. My wife who is also predominately a large dog person introduced MuMu

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Your Help

Well it has been five months and we are still here!  What I have to emphasize is we have learned a ton in the last twenty plus weeks and we have all of you to thank for that.  So many of you have taken the time to compliment us, encourage us and your suggestions have

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The Overweight Dog

It is a small program at this point but we have boarded some dogs that are overweight and have taken the responsibility of feeding them a bit differently and taking on the task of the necessary exercise so we can get them healthy for their families.  If you want to get some specifics let me

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Dog Parks

As I have indicated I am a lucky person as I get to spend time with hundreds of dog owners and with the dogs.  I constantly am told how they take their dogs out for walks. In our immediate area here in the Laughlin – Bullhead City area many times the discussion turns to taking

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