In-Home Pet Care

Some people choose to board their pets while away. Others prefer to keep their pets in their normal surroundings, requiring in-home pet care instead. If you would rather have someone come to your pet than take them to a kennel, our in-home pet care services are for you.


In-Home Pet Care Services

RSK offers a variety of in-home pet care services. During each one, we can feed your pet, give them their required medications, walk them, and more. We will even bring them into the kennel for grooming while pet sitting if you wish—giving your pet the same treatment you would get during a day at the spa!

Our in-home pet care services include:

Daily walks

Pets benefit from daily activity. If you want to ensure that your pet gets walked regularly but struggle with mobility yourself or simply don’t have the time, we can give them the exercise they need via daily walks.

During-the-day pet sitting

Gone all day for work or have several hours of errands to run? We can be there for your pet during daytime periods when you’ll be gone longer than you’d like.

Overnight pet sitting

Whether you will be gone overnight for business or pleasure, we can make sure your pet is taken care of by checking in on them at different times.

Vacation pet sitting

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your pet will not just be taken care of but given the attention they crave while you’re away.

Poop scooping services

Having a clean yard requires regularly picking up your pet’s poop. Not your favorite task? That’s okay. We’ll take care of it for you.


During longer periods of in-home pet sitting, we recommend a minimum of two visits daily. This ensures that your pet is taken care of properly while you are gone. That said, we do understand that each pet is unique. Therefore, we can talk about what is right for your pet and make arrangements accordingly.

Why Choose RSK?

At RSK, we understand that being away from your pet can cause a bit of angst.

RSK is licensed and bonded. We’ve also earned the reputation of providing high-quality pet care, giving you access to an entire organization of pet care specialists versus relying on a single person to show up when they say they will. Contact us today to learn more!


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