Meet Sasha




3.5 years


Doberman Pinscher




Black & Tan

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Introducing Sasha, the embodiment of the perfect furry companion! With her endearing personality and charming nature, Sasha is an absolute delight to have around. This adorable pooch is housebroken and exhibits exceptional compatibility with children, other dogs, and even cats. Sasha’s gentle demeanor and playful disposition make her a cherished member of any family.

Although Sasha is a homebody at heart, she’s always ready for a fun-filled adventure. While she may need a little guidance on the leash and hasn’t had many car rides, Sasha’s eagerness to explore the world is boundless. With a bit of patience and training, Sasha will become a pro at walking on a leash, and every car ride will be a thrilling opportunity for her to experience new sights and sounds.

In addition to her irresistible charm, Sasha would greatly benefit from regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Whether it’s playing in a yard or going on invigorating walks, Sasha is ready to embrace an active routine that will keep her happy and healthy.

With Sasha by your side, you’ll experience boundless love, companionship, and unending joy. Don’t miss the chance to bring this incredible furry friend into your life and create unforgettable memories together.

Is Sasha housebroken?


Is Sasha good with children?


Is Sasha good with other dogs?


Is Sasha good with other cats?


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