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11 Months




~50 lbs


White with Black Spots

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Meet Blu, the epitome of a fun-loving young dog! This playful and energetic pooch is all about spreading joy and bringing smiles to everyone she meets. Blu absolutely adores belly rubs and will happily shower you with affection. With her boundless enthusiasm, Blu thrives in an environment with a yard, where she can indulge in her playful antics.

Blu is a great fit for an active family who loves to stay on the move. If you’re the kind of family that enjoys going on walks, playing in the backyard, and actively engaging with your furry friend, Blu will be over the moon to join in on the fun. She thrives when she can be an integral part of the family, eagerly participating in all the activities that come her way.

As Blu is still a young pup, she benefits from clear direction and guidance. Letting her know what is expected of her will help her thrive and become a well-rounded companion. When you choose to adopt Blu, you’ll receive the support and training necessary to ensure a smooth transition and help her become the best version of herself.

If you’re seeking a playful, energetic, and loving addition to your family, Blu is the perfect match. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with endless belly rubs, joyful playtimes, and an unbreakable bond. Take Blu into your home, and watch as she fills your days with laughter, love, and an everlasting zest for life!

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