Cat Litter

While cats are known to be independent creatures, they do require a lot of care to meet their health and well being needs. Choosing a litter with special formulas or ingredients is necessary to ensure cats maintain a healthy body through regular elimination in their boxes.

Similar to the need to change pet food formulas with each life stage, cats need different types of litter to accommodate the changing demands of age. Kittens need formulas that help with litter-box training and will keep their tiny paws free of clumps, while adults might require products that suit their specific environment or personality, such as a multi-cat or unscented variety.

When selecting litter for senior cats, cat owners must consider many factors, as these animals are not as agile as younger cats. They might also need to use the litter box more often due to kidney issues or urinary tract infections.

Adding an extra litter box in the home can help older cats get to the box in time. Many older cats develop arthritis, so providing boxes with shorter entry on all sides can prevent unnecessary pain when entering and leaving the box, as well as help ensure an older cat will want to keep using the box.

A major issue with feline care is elimination outside the litter box. While cat owners might believe this is due to a health or personality issue with their cats, it could simply be due to litter preference.

Pet Owners need to be open to the idea that their cat might be eliminating outside of the box due to not liking their litter.  It is important to note  that the main reason cats are surrendered to shelters is because they fail to use the litter box. This could be due to lack of odor control, not being scooped regularly, too much dust or not liking the litter texture. Litter can be a solution.

When shopping for cats of any age, pet owners need to focus on performance, as this is a common concern shared by all feline owners, regardless of their animals’ age. Cat litter that performs well produces little dust, results in no tracking, controls odors and will yield clumps that don’t break apart; thereby, promoting a healthy environment within the home.

Low tracking is a very important attribute, because it provides cat owners more time to spend with their cats, and less time cleaning litter tracks. As a Cat owner you  to want a superior litter product that is low dust, hard clumping and low tracking.”

While the primary concern for cat owners is the well being of their families, which includes their animals, an increasing number of consumers are considering the health of the planet. Manufacturers of pet products have been accommodating the demand for greener goods across categories, including the litter segment.

When you are in that retail store look for safe products that can promote a high quality of life and feline wellness.

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