Pet Care


I just got off a call with one of our Pet Owners and the topic was Bordetella, what everyone refers to as Kennel Cough.  Her dog started coughing and her Veterinarian insisted that it “caught it” due to boarding.  I am not a big fan of Veterinarian’s when they make statements designed to provide a …

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Dog Parks

As I have indicated I am a lucky person as I get to spend time with hundreds of dog owners and with the dogs.  I constantly am told how they take their dogs out for walks. In our immediate area here in the Laughlin – Bullhead City area many times the discussion turns to taking …

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Sorry, But You’re Wrong – Stop Humanizing Your Dog

Humanizing a dog has to do with granting it the same characteristics as a person. This means attributing emotions, attitudes and views typical to humans onto our canines. If you are doing this, Sorry, but you’re wrong, which makes what you are doing wrong.This does not mean that treating dogs as family or giving them …

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Cat Litter

While cats are known to be independent creatures, they do require a lot of care to meet their health and well being needs. Choosing a litter with special formulas or ingredients is necessary to ensure cats maintain a healthy body through regular elimination in their boxes. Similar to the need to change pet food formulas …

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