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How often do you feed my dog?

Normally, our feeding schedule is once at 8am. This allows them two
opportunities to relieve themselves before bedding at night. This also allows
us to monitor your dogs eating habits and bowel movements, as both are good indications
on how your pet(s) are feeling and how their health is. The exceptions are puppies,
underweight dogs, or dogs that need food with medication.

The Science: 
A dogs digestive system is much shorter than a humans, therefore, food ingested
in the late afternoon will trigger the expelling process when they are bedded
down for the night. Of coarse we aren't upset by accidents, but prefer keeping
our dogs comfortable throughout the night. The treats you bring are offered after the
evening walk before bedding.

The Health:
There are only a couple reasons a dog doesn't eat when presented with food.
If a dog is sick, it is our utmost concern for that dog. By presenting food once
a day, we can monitor how much is consumed within a 24 hour period. If a dog is
overweight or if it's their first visit in a new environment its not unusual for them to
skip a meal.  We have assigned staff members monitoring your dogs eating habits.
We also have plain yogurt available to entice the possible finicky eater.

Taken from Petfinder.com article:
Having regularly-scheduled feeding times not
only establishes a routine, it also allows you to monitor your dog's health.  If he
picks at his food throughout the day, you may not notice right away, if he's not
eating well; but if he normally eats heartily, as soon as you put the bowl down,
you will immediately see a sudden lack of appetite, which is often an indication
that he's not feeling well.

We have never had an invasion of roaches, ants, or vermin due to leaving
food available for unwanted consumption.  We allow your dog a couple hours
for consumption then pick up the food.


What may I bring for my pet?

You may bring bedding for your dog(s), however, we would like you to keep in mind
that our kennels are made with chain link fencing and bedding may become torn or dirty. So we
do ask that you leave your bedding at home, as Risen Star Kennel is not responsible for any
torn or dirty bedding that you may get back.

We do, however, provide extra plush Sherpa pads and blankets that are washed
and sanitized. We also have rubber mats to place under the Sherpa pads for the older dogs. 
You can be assured that your dog will be comfortable and free from parasites.

Cats are provided with a litter box and an enclosed bed within their above
ground kennels.

We provide stainless steel buckets/bowl for water and food, and are cleaned
and sanitized after each use.

Food and Medicines
Package your dog's food for once a day meals or bring a container with your
dog's name on it. We ask to please being food that your pet normally eats during their
stay and it is not advisable to treat them to a special meal right before they
board. Refrigeration is available for opened cans or raw diets.

Don't worry if you forget to bring your dog's food, we have a high quality
food called Canidae available at $2 a pound. Canidae is a small kibble
that has digestive enzymes and is all natural. Dogs love it and it's great
for them.

Medicines are given as needed at no extra charge: however, we can not
board pets that need insulin shots. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meaty bones tend to cause jealousy among the dog's neighbors so
save those for home. Treats that are brought, are offered before bedding and
anytime they look cute!

Toys from home that have your scent on them are welcome. We also have a
toy box for the dogs as well.

Additional information About Boarding

Up-to-Date Shots
Current Rabies, distemper/parvovirus & bordatella vaccines are all required for
boarding. It is best for your pet to have them done 2 weeks prior to
boarding. We can give pets the distemper/parvovirus & bordatella vaccines
for $10 each. However, we can only give these shots to pets that are boarding with us,
and are not able to get an appointment with their vet before their boarding date.

We walk the dogs to exercise areas three (3) times a day, giving them
that much needed human interaction.

Out for the Day
If you are visiting from out of town, you can take your pet out for the day
on the lake or for a walk along the river walk. There are also 3 dog parks with
in the area of Laughlin and Bullhead City.

Clark Recreation Park 1975 Arie Drive Laughlin, NV Smallest Park 6.8 Mile from Kennel
Community Park 1251 Highway 95, Bullhead City, AZ Mid Size Park 4.3 Mile from Kennel
Rotary Park 2315 Balboa Drive, Bullhead City, AZ Biggest Park 9.2 Mile from Kennel

Reservations can be taken by phone or Online