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Risen Star Kennel is dedicated to the care & welfare of your pets
while staying at our facility.

It's my 1st time!
Because dogs live in the moment, we understand each moment and Risen Star Kennel
needs to be safe and friendly. Our staff is dedicated to befriend all our guests. With our
experience, we know a variety of successful methods to win their hearts.

In fact, most pets on a re-visit come running back!

If you have any other questions about boarding,
please visit our FAQ page.


Up to 10lbs
$10.00 Overnight | $5.00 Daycare | $5.00 Shared Space*
(*Shared Space is only given to Tiny/Small dogs.)

10 to 25lbs
$12.00 Overnight | $5.00 Daycare | $6.00 Shared Space*
(*Shared Space is only given to Tiny/Small dogs.)

25 to 40 lbs
$15.00 Overnight | $10.00 Daycare
25 to 40 lbs (*Shared Space does not apply.)

40 to 80lbs
$17.00 Overnight | $10.00 Daycare
(*Shared Space does not apply.)

80lbs and Up
$20.00 Overnight | $10.00 Daycare
(This price is also for dogs that are Male, Female in season,
and pets requiring special confinement regardless of size.)
(*Shared Space does not apply.)


This is given to guests that have more than one pet. You will have to pay full price for any pets in the medium to giant range and/or the biggest pet. After that, any other small or tiny pets will be the shared space rate.


If you pick up your pet after 12pm, there is a $5.00 daycare fee, per pet.
(Arizona does not recognize daylight savings time.)